Dual Tracks

With words by John Muir

From the Afterword,

Two journeys unfold in Dual Tracks  — a journey through words and one through photographs. John Muir, the naturalist and avid preservationist, penned the words; Max Brodsky is the traveling dog. Muir lived from 1838 to 1914. Max Brodsky, an almost two-year-old Westie in these photographs, lives in Pittsburgh, now, during the 21st century. Yet, though time separates them, there are important commonalities. For one, they share ancestry—Muir’s birth country is Scotland, and Max, too, traces his breed to those scraggly hills where his ancestors kept their snouts close to the ground sniffing out vermin. And second, both Muir and Max are natural trekkers. Muir pushed off into the woods whenever he could, communing with the universe, finding comfort and meaning; Max, who not only shares my last name but also my home, leaps at all opportunities to run off into the street as soon as I open the door. Both Muir and Max are driven to “push-off-into…” and it’s not clear if either feels regret for what he leaves behind. And last and least important, both John Muir and Max Brodsky each have two names, a first and a last, and one of those names is one syllable and starts with M.



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