Based on Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

S. retells and pays tribute to Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, and Max, of course, plays Siddhartha in this homage to the book. From the Afterword,

Herman Hesse’s novella follows a long span of Siddhartha’s life from a well-to-do, learned Brahman boy to a venerated, wizened ferryman with grey hair and a lined face. Through the years, Siddhartha “changes a great deal and wears all sorts of garments” on a continuous search to find a spiritually satisfying fit. Yet, in the retelling of this tale it is not the clothes that make the man (dog?) His outer adornments— sometimes rags, sometimes finery—reveal the many ways of life that he adopts. As an ascetic he abandons all physical possessions and dresses only in a loincloth. When he later decides to join the material world, he amasses wealth and displays it vulgarly.

Who is this man, Siddhartha, who continuously probes life for meaning, and why does Max, a dog, play him in S.? 




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