About The Spot Press

We are on a mission...

Unique, tangible art is a precious thing and should be accessible in our increasingly disposable world. Whether you want a handmade artist’s book for your collection, or to let someone know you’re thinking of them with a handwritten card, The Spot Press wants you to have something that makes you smile, provokes a thought, and gives you insight into life.

Many of the stories that we tell explore human experiences: Questions of love, judgment, the purpose of art, and our purpose in this world are some of the subjects approached through fine art photographs and companion text. The words of great writers, artists, and thinkers have withstood their test of time, and we hope to perpetuate them here, paired often with images of a small, white dog. To us, this is a way to explore the beauty of stories through another (literal) lens, a way to listen to voices from long ago and voices from today, and a way to inspire us to realize that there’s never just one way to see something.

Currently, all of the pieces offered by The Spot Press are those of our founding artist, Charlee Brodsky, who is always preparing for her next project or finding the next story to tell. And in our experience, storytelling and art are dynamic events that connect like-minded people, so we never discount the possibility of discovering other artists on a similar mission. 



~ We believe in the arts and that our lives can never have enough beauty ~