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Charlee Brodsky, seen here with Max Brodsky, is the artist behind the lens. Melding fine art and documentary forms, her photography is exhibited widely, while she also teaches her craft at Carnegie Mellon University. Charlee began photographing her West Highland Terriers, Max and Sam, as a way to find her groove while transitioning to digital photography, and the result was an entirely unexpected evolution of her work: Pairing images of the pups with the words of great thinkers created narratives which turned out to be a way of viewing humanity from another perspective. Through these works, which grew into the Good Dog series, Charlee now sees herself more broadly, as a documentarian but also as a humanist, which makes her smile because the catalysts for this change were her two small, white dogs.

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J.B. Blackford  is a freelancer who isn’t quite sure how to pick a title as she is most often an editor, but sometimes a writer, a marketer, and—for a few years—a teacher. She sees her duty as being the wordsmith who mediates between Artist and Audience, smoothing away whatever may keep the two from connecting. For J.B., the work produced by The Spot Press is fun and even exhilarating: marrying language and imagery, and, in many cases, taking literature that she knows well and adapting it into something different—a companion piece. Reading from a very young age cultivated J.B.'s love of language and art, and working with The Spot Press gives her the opportunity to continue this passion.

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Becky Torbochkin  is the tech-savvy designer whose talent created the website you’re currently perusing. Her work with communication design ranges from print, to web, to interaction design in software for GD Viz (often working on apps for the Army) and Radiant Wolf—a collaborative indie game studio where testing and marketing are as much a part of her work as design. Supporting this range of experience is Becky’s overarching love of storytelling: She was originally drawn to design through writing, and sees the words' visual form as equally essential to telling a story and communicating the message. Becky brings to The Spot Press her aesthetic eye and technical skill so that, from the homepage to the last page of a handmade book, our narrative is a cohesive and beautiful whole.

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Max Brodsky is Charlee’s Westie and the muse-turned-star of the Good Dog series. Far from letting his time in the limelight turn him into a diva, Max has managed to maintain his loving, bouyant, down-to-earth mentality. He's had many identities over the course of his work with Charlee, and has met many people on their walks, but at the end of the day, he always knows who he is: son of Charlee, brother of Sam the Westie, eternal optimist, and belly-rub seeker. The Spot Press is indebted to Max both for his photogenic face and gentle spirit.


We believe in the arts and that our lives can never have enough beauty  ~